We stock quality underlay for many different flooring types

We Only Supply Quality Underlay

Here at Quedgeley Carpets, we believe underlay is the most important factor when buying a new carpet. “If it’s not good enough for our house, it’s not good enough for yours!”

We supply underlay made from recycled foam offering superior heat and sound insulation.

Please use this underlay guide below to determine what you need:

  • Regal 8 is an 8mm thick polyurethane 85kg M2, 2.30 TOG rating and 34dB Impact Sound Reduction (General Domestic) usage – Bedrooms, Playrooms (light traffic areas)
  • Regal HD9 is a 9mm thick polyurethane 120kg M2, with 2.80 TOG rating and 41dB Impact Sound Reduction (Heavy Domestic/Ultra High Density) usage – Lounge, Hall, Stairs, Landing (heavy traffic areas)
  • Regal HD11 is an 11mm thick polyurethane 120kg M2, with 3.5 TOG rating and 45dB Impact Sound Reduction (Luxury Heavy Domestic/Ultra High Density) usage – all through the home.
  • Colours Red is an 11.4mm thick rubber 357kg M2 (Super Luxury Heavy Domestic) usage – all through the home.
  • Timbermate Excel is a 3.5mm thick rubber underlay, with a moisture vapour barrier, usage – laminate/wood flooring.

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